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 While everyone wants great looking carpet that reflects their unique style and complements a room’s purpose.

Floor Cleaning services  remains one of the most common areas overlooked by homeowners and office managers. Don’t assume that just because you clean up every spill and vacuum regularly, that your floors are spotless.

Have you felt like you have neglected your carpet? Maybe even felt a tinge guilty? After all, you wouldn’t drive your car for 100,000 miles without changing the oil, would you? Of course not. Just like your automobile, your carpets, floors, and fabrics represent a significant investment. Over time, even the most durable and appealing floor becomes dirty with dust, germs, nasty pet odors, residue and other contaminates. Estate Carpet Cleaning LLC of Cornelius NC uses the best equipment, environmentally-safe supplies and certified, trained professionals to ensure your floor cleaning  experience is the best one you have ever had


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Floor Cleaning Services
Cornelius NC (704) 765-2094