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Spruce up the front of your home and add a little curb appeal by cleaning the oil stains, rust spots, mildew, mold and dirt from your driveway and sidewalk. Estate Carpet Cleaning can handle the toughest garage floor too.

Concrete flooring is now a popular indoor option in homes because it’s highly functional and decorative. Seek advice from a company about sealers, coatings, overlays, acid staining, grinding and polishing.

Some cleaning advice for an unsealed concrete floor:

  • Sweep up the loose dirt and wash it away with an all-purpose solution.
  • Common stains on a garage floor are grease, oil and road dirt. It might sound strange, but kitty litter works well on such stains because it has absorbent properties. Spread some on the grease and oil stains. Work it in with a stiff broom, starting at the back of the garage and moving toward the front.
  • Get a hosepipe and flush out the floor. To get rid of tough pieces of dirt, spray them with jets of water or scour them with a stiff broom.
  • When you have removed all the loose surface dirt and stains, apply a heavy-duty concrete cleaner with a sponge mop, increasing pressure on heavily soiled areas. Finally, rinse the entire floor with cool water and let it dry.
  • Whenever possible, keep the garage doors closed to prevent leaves, dirt and dust being blown in by the wind.



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