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Whether you manage a restaurant, office or medical facility, we know how important it is for you to have a clean work space. Our environmentally friendly products are safe and effective. Call us today to discuss how our reliable, quality Floor cleaning process can help your business look its best.

But are we as conscientious when it comes to industrial workspaces? In an industrial environment, like a warehouse, factory or workshop, a dirty floor is not only unsightly, but can actually be a safety hazard. Staff members carrying stock or equipment or working with dangerous tools can easily slip on an oily patch and fall, resulting in an injury or damage.

Another example is forklift trucks working on a dirty, greasy surface. They can skid out of control, with disastrous consequences. If you own or manage a business with an industrial work environment, make sure that it is regularly cleaned by a professional company. This will preserve the image of your business, create a better work environment for staff and reduce the risk of unnecessary workplace accidents.

 According to the US Department of Labor and the National Floor Safety Institute, over 3 million workers in the food service industry have slip-and-fall accidents every year. This costs the industry more than $2 billion per year. Most of these accidents are not caused by floor finishes – the main culprit is a build-up of grease and soil on the floor, which suggests that regular Commercial Floor Cleaning did not take place.