Wood Floor Cleaning – What to Use and What Not to Use

Wood floor cleaning is vital to ensure that your investment – a hardwood floor – lasts for as long as it should. This type of flooring can last for well over 50 years because it does not damage easily if properly maintained and cared for. The best way to protect it is to have it covered with a sealant.

During its lifespan, you may also need to have it screened and recoated when it shows signs of wear and tear. The weight of heavy furniture can have a negative impact on a hardwood floor by causing indentations. Place commercial protector pads or felt pads under all furniture (even tables), to prevent the floor being damaged by indentations.

Wood floors should be cleaned every day. Use a soft broom to sweep off dust and dirt. Use a vacuum and a dry mop to reach concealed areas. The floors should also be waxed from time to time after they have been cleaned. These days, products for wood floor cleaning are specially formulated and available in liquid form. They contain anti-germicidal and disinfectant properties to keep the floors free of bacteria.

Avoid using oil-based soaps or any solution that contains ammonia. These can ruin the aesthetics of hardwood floors by dulling the shine. They may also destroy the flooring’s ability to be recoated. To stave off dust and shoe dirt, place rugs at all entrances to your home. If bad stains occur, contact a floor-cleaning expert.

If You Can Stand On It, We Can Clean It! We Do More Than Just Carpet and Rug Cleaning

We offer a full, professional flooring, upholstery, furniture, carpet and rug cleaning service for commercial, business and residential clients in Mooresville, Lake Norman and the greater Charlotte region of North Carolina. We also specialize in cleaning cement, concrete and wood surfaces.

Whether you want to add curb appeal by having your driveway, deck and patio cleaned; you’re hosting an event; or you simply want your floors cleaned, we know that your time is valuable. That’s why we offer 100% guaranteed satisfaction, same-day service and free estimates.

We provide the following services:

  • Carpet and rug cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Pet dander, odor or stain removal
  • Sidewalks and driveways
  • Commercial and residential cleaning
  • Dust-free wood floor cleaning

We are a family-owned business with strong ties to the community, and we believe that the only way to evaluate true success is through the relationships we form, share and nurture every day. With more than 10 years’ experience, we are extremely proud to have earned the reputation of being one of the leading upholstery and carpet cleaners in the area.

Our clients come from many sectors of the community, including:

  • Homeowners
  • Mobile home and apartment residents
  • Motel and hotel operators
  • Commercial and residential realtors
  • Small business owners and retailers

We also clean classrooms, as well as financial, legal and medical offices, gyms, worship centers, daycare facilities and restaurants, using only the most efficient, safest and reliable solutions.

The Dos and Don’ts of Cleaning Your Floors

You walk on them, run on them, drop things on them like food, and sometimes even sleep on them. Your floors are the most used surfaces in the house, and because of that, they require regular upkeep. When it comes to floor cleaning, there are definitely some dos and don’ts that everyone should know to keep their most used surface gleaming:


  • Use waxes or furniture sprays since they cause surfaces to be too slick.
  • Use ammonia or abrasive cleaners since they can scratch the finish of your floors.
  • Mop with a soaked mop or sponge since the water can warp the flooring. Wring out your mops completely, and always go in the direction of the wood grain. When your water begins to look dirty, immediately change it and mix a new batch of cleaning solution for your floor cleaning.
  • Use only water to clean your floors. Pair your water with vinegar or a commercial cleaning agent to make sure you’re both cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Don’t believe that DIY floor cleaning will tackle extreme grime or years of buildup. Whenever you are putting your floors at risk of over exposure to chemicals, chance of dulling or scratching the surface, or stripping stain, always seek the aid of a professional floor cleaning service that will help tackle jobs that if done yourself, may do more harm than good.


  • Sweep before you start your floor cleaning. Mops are great for picking up grime, but they also push around dust and dirt that could have been easily removed by a broom first.
  • Treat scuff marks with some baking soda and a damp sponge.
  • Minimize water exposure and clean spills when they happen.
  • Seek the advice of a professional floor cleaning company. They will be able to recommend the best products to help keep your floors looking brand new, as well as give you a good starting point to help you maintain your floors into the future.

Regular Upholstery Cleaning Can Reduce the Risk of Dust-Mite Health Issues

Regular upholstery cleaning by a specialist company is beneficial to the health of you and your family because it gets rid of allergens, bacteria and horrible little creatures called dust mites. All these things are invisible to the naked eye. A professional upholstery cleaning service can keep them at bay and also increase the lifespan and appearance of your furniture.

Some things you might NOT want to know about dust mites

  • Dust mites are microscopic bugs that live and breed in your carpets, beds and couches. They thrive in homes because they feed on pet dander and your dead skin cells. This is what a dust mite looks like:
  • One dust mite excretes about 20 pellets of feces every day. A lot of people are allergic to their fecal matter. Scientists believe that dust mites are linked to asthma and other allergic symptoms, as well as depression, fatigue and headaches, according to this article.
  • Your bed could be home to up to 10 million dust mites. While you sleep, you inhale their feces from your pillow, sheets and blankets.
  • Furry pets can increase the number of dust mites in your home.
  • Household dust is laden with dust-mite fecal pellets and cast skins. If you look at house dust in a sunbeam, 80% of the floating material is human skin flakes – dust-mite food.

While a hair dryer can kill dust mites in towels, sheets and clothes, it is far more difficult to control infestations in carpets and furniture. More aggressive cleaning from a professional is recommended.

Cleaning Tips

While we recommend regular carpet cleaning services to ensure your flooring has a long and healthy life cycle, we believe proper care can go a long way in preserving the use, durability and beauty of your carpet. Carpet is a natural “collection” point for debris, dust and dirt. There is no way to avoid it you can reduce it’s impact on your floor. It’s important to make sure everyone responds to spots and spills quickly and effectively.

Helpful Cleaning Tips

Helpful Tips:

  • Pets: There are 68 million dog owners and 73 million cat owners in the U.S., according to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association. That’s a lot of accidents. It’s important to clean up quickly. To extract the moisture, the IICRC recommends putting an inch-thick layer of paper towels on the area and a color-fast, absorbent towel on top to absorb moisture. Leave it overnight.
  • Cleaning: When cleaning, start in one room and complete all your cleaning tasks before you move onto the next room. Work from top to bottom and left to right so you don’t spread dust and dirt.
  • Entryways: Sweep often, dust and vacuum regularly and keep entryways and hallways clean to avoid tracking in dirt, pollen and debris. Create a place in your home where you and the guests can leave their shoes by the door.

Hiring a Professional Cleaner

Cleaning-Supplies-300x200So you’ve decided to hire a professional company to clean your floors but you’re not sure where to start or what kind of questions to ask.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner who has the right equipment, training and experience is one important way to ensure you enhance the overall quality and beauty of the floor and while improving indoor environmental quality, according to the Institute of Inspection and Cleaning Restoration.

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Cleaner

Ask these questions as you look for a cleaning professional:

  • Does the cleaning professional hold any certifications or memberships in local or national organizations?
  • What kind of training does the company’s technicians have?
  • When did the company first start doing business and does the company have a good reputation in your region?
  • What kind of guarantee does the company offer? What is the company’s policy for dealing with complaints?
  • Does the company vacuum before it deep cleans the carpets? Hint: answer should be yes.
  • What kind of cleaning products does the company use?